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1. A place too put bread jam            
5. 946080000 second        
7. You must think out of the ...!        
8. Condition where you don’t have anybody around   
11. When you hear adele sing         
14. Punctuation mark that you write in the end of the sentence              
15. Tipycal animal of Thailand           
22. Antonym of older         
25. Acronyms of professions who work in hospitals    
26. The characteristic of muslim women        
27. Pronouns for a thing    

2. An animal that can fly
3. Synonim of work
4. A question word to ask a reason
6. Animal that has a monochrome skin
9. Something older than email
10. Emotional ... (Starving- Hailey S)
12. Song : My love - ... life
13. A small card with your identity
16. The highest position in a company
17.Manuk Dodal, Ampar-ampar pisang           
18. Acronym of possesion (you)
19. Synonim of rhytem
20. A car is ... the cupboard
21. When you want to join the grup of your friend usually say ...
23. A good ... will produce a good children
24. The synonym of journey
28. The acronym of subject that study about language

Minggu, 08 Januari 2017

About my Holiday

Hi Guys!
Today is my first day in school on second semester. I don't know, i was so excited!!
but when i met history teacher, i feel many bad air about my score.

Haha, you know. My suggested is true. My name was called. Then i know, my score didn't pass from the minimum score. I used to my bad score then remedial or anything. It's okay, i think this is my way for adaptating in this environment school.

So about my holiday, i spend my little holiday for SP. Before everybody take rapor, i was SP chemistry. After everybody take they raport, i prepare to SP (math minat) for next week.

SP (math minat) was held on tuesday, december 27th 2016. Just 4 days i study so hard. I said my study is 'SO HARD' because i feel i understand when i met question (matmin)

After SP (matmin), my family went Wonosari place. Cause my grandma for my mother is dead. After live from one day in my grandma place, my family moved to Limaran hotel. Then, we went Indrayanti beach. The view of the sea is so beautiful.
My brother and my father was snorkeling. But, me, my mother and my grandma just look the good view. Then i and my family moved to sister's father and uncle's father. Honestly, so so long time they are talk about everything. It pisses me off. Annoying.

The next day, we went to merapi mountain. You know, when October 28th 2010 mertapi spewed very hot lava(eruption)until radius 7 KM and the hot cloud as high as about 4-15 KM. We started the trip from Kaliurang. We went to mountain by jeep car. But, first we transit to 'Batu Alien'. The village there say Batu Alien never made by the local village. This stone is visible when the safe situation.

After that, we continued the trip to Mini museum of Merapi. There are a lot of legacy stuff on fire. Like CD, clock, watch, sacred objects are melt because the cloud so hot.

melt because so hot
Okay, We continued the trip to Bunker Merapi.
There is a lot of people and tourist. We can't go to room in the bunker because there is a lot of water. Then i scared because the local village is ....

The next day, me, my first brother and my grandma went to Malioboro street. Buying some souvenirs for some friends. I bought for Maisa, Nadine, Ruth and some friends who helped  me when i can't work my homework or anything. They are so kind.

Minggu, 30 Oktober 2016

Biography of Shawn Mendes

Hieveryone! I want to tell you about Shawn Mendes' Biography
Check it out!

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes or called Shawn Mendes Was born August 8th, 1998.  He is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He attracted a following in 2013, when he began posting song covers of the video sharing application Vine. The following year, he caught the attention of artist managers Andrew Gertler and Island Records A&R Ziggy Charleston, which led to him signing a deal with the record label. Mendes went on to release an EP and his debut studio album Handwritten, whose single "Stitches" reached the top 10 in the US and Canada, and number one in the UK. His sophomore album, Illuminate (2016), was preceded by the single "Treat You Better" Both albums debuted atop the US Billboard 200.

Treat you Better song : Shawn Mendes TYB

Minggu, 09 Oktober 2016

MORAL VALUE from my groups" story

HAAAIII!!! So in this chance i will tell you about my friends' story moral value :)

First from my friend, Adham Sandhy's story about Romeo and Juliet
The Moral Value is Sacrifice we have to do because we love someone then True love is eternal

Rizka Nakulo's story about The Legend of  Toba Lake
The Moral Value is we are not allowed to insult others  and we must to submit the message entrusted to us.

Farhan Anugrah's story about The Legend about Sangkuriang
The Moral Value is we should not be selfish, but should think before doing an action.

And my story is about The little Riding Hood
The moral value is children should obey their parents and that they should never talk to strangers. Even stranger is very friendly afford to have bad intentions.

Hello, everyone!

 Now, I have an assignment from my teacher to make an announcement with my partner. My partner is Nadine Annisa Fauzi. So, This is our announcement.


To all of 10 grade students of 3 Senior High School Bandung, we invited all of you to join PPAP that stand for Pineapple Pen Apple Pen . PPAP is a competition to celebrate our school anniversary. This competition will be held :
       Time  : Saturday, August 29th 2030
       Place  : Hall of 3 Senior High School
Each class should register at least one student with one of following competition such as:
  • Singing Contest
  • Fashion Show 
  • Debate Competition
  • Quiz about Technology
  • Story Telling
  • Dance Contest
  • and many more
For more information, please contact the commitee of PPAP.

That's all our announcement.

This is link for my announcement :


Nadine Annisa Fauzi :

Minggu, 25 September 2016


Assalamualaikum Warahmtullahi Wabarakaatuh

Welcome to my blog again :) Now i want to tell you about my friend, Clarisha Hanandya's unforgetteble experience.

Little Clarisha

  Nine years ago, a little Clarisha was kindergarten, she have many nice friends. One day Clarisha and her friend was being colouring some book, one boy of them approached Clarisha and persuade her to follow him. Then, when her following him to a tree not far from her school. A litrtle Clarisha was confused "Why Dodo climbed the tree? And live me under the tree??".When her busy cause him, Dodo singing for her ..........................................................

Selasa, 20 September 2016


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh
Welcome to my blog again. So.. in this chance i want to tell you guys about a event in my school
Saturday, August 20th 2016
My generation got the invitation from seniors, there would hold an event in my school. The event was called WORLD TOURNAMENT & TECHNO FESTIVAL or WTTF 2016.
This event is intended to force 32018 and 32019. On that day, all 32018 and 32019 students must attend this event because it will go into the value of English and sports.
On that day, we must came to Bali Field at a half past six a.m. After that, we got the information that this event was held by OSIS. After that, we got the infoyrmation that the event was organized by the student council. I think the purpose of the event is to enhance cooperation in every classroom, hone our skills in English, and also improve the ability to solve problems. Indeed, there are rules we have to speak in English, we should be solving the clues together, and we should try as much as possible. At this event, we will play the game, and every time we win, the committee will give us one puzzle piece of the puzzle as well. Oyaa.. our opponents in every game is a force 32018 (eleventh grade)
Each class has a map that takes them to a place (though I clay heck are all the same but on the say different) But, all the places we want to go her name disguised as a puzzle. Initially, the user is a historic building and park SMA optional instructions are 3 & 5. Games are held, among others, we played a game that I called "Spicy Food Games" for each class had to send two people to eat Samyang or noodles may be unusual but completely disposable spicy seasoning and without drinking water. In these games, I filed a class of Joey Citizenship and Fachri Zulfikar and they win these games. There is a battle in the computer game playing (fighting game). In this game we propose that Nanda Asyiffa build up and Farhan grace that initially lost but finally we won the class again. The next game is called (i forget the name) This game requires that we hold banners with dots of color on hand that can not be separated before being asked. In that game, my class choose Azzam Hasyim and Saskia fathimah. It seems that their bodies are very elastic;)) Unfortunately, the game's class lost power due to a knee saskia touching colors that should not be. Then our class to such punishments should be about aliens (seniors were ready to stone us with water balls) we have about them. or we can't got the puzzle.
After that, we had breaktime or ISOMA at a quarter to twelve a.m. I was so happy at that time but also so tired too. But overall, i really enjoyed this event.